German Bratwurst sausages

It’s an easy argument that the best part of traveling is the food. And while there are certain foods that are unique to each country, it can be great fun to chow down on a country’s take on a food you’re already familiar with.

There are so many foods that are universal in cuisines around the globe, and one such example is sausages. Sausages vary in shape, size, and flavor depending on where you’re eating them, but the essence of a sausage remains the same.

From spicy to sweet, most countries seem to have their own version of sausage, just waiting to be tried. Here are what Extra Crispy and Bon Appetit rate as some of the best sausages from around the world to try.

1. A South Korean sundae won’t involve any ice cream.

In South Korea, sundae, pronounced ‘soondae,’ is a popular sausage commonly offered as street food. It’s created by boiling or steaming a pig or cow’s intestines. That is then stuffed with noodles, blood, and spices.

It’s common for ingredients like kimchi, rice, or soybean paste to also be added in.

2. Falukorv has been popular in Sweden since the 16th century.

Made with beef or pork, falukorv is a staple in Sweden. The beef or pork is mixed together with potato starch, onions, sugar, pork fat, and spices. It’s a great snack as well because the sausage is precooked and can be eaten directly out of the package.

3. Bratwurst is the go-to sausage in Germany.

There’s no denying that Germany is overflowing with options when it comes to sausages. Yet, even with so many to try, bratwurst is the clear favorite. Often made with pork, beef can be substituted in when necessary. Taken to another level, bratwurst is commonly paired with curry ketchup …read more

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