Flip over a box of cereal, and you’ll find the ingredients neatly listed. The same goes for most packaged items — cleaning supplies, makeup, etc. But oddly enough, that convention doesn’t carry over to feminine-care products.

When LOLA cofounder Jordana Kier started researching her future company, she was seeking a solve for a common pain point around her period: never seeming to have a tampon when she needed one — hence the origin of the brand’s optional subscription service. But as she dove deeper, it struck her that most boxes of tampons sold at her local drugstore lacked a comprehensive ingredient list. In fact, many used the phrase “may contain” in regard to rayon, polyester, and other materials. “I was like, What? May contain? How was it possible that there was such a lack of transparency in this extremely intimate product? It made me really angry,” Kier says.

There lay the spark of inspiration that Kier and her cofounder, Alexandra Friedman, would turn into a feminine-care brand with a whopping $35.2 million in funding. Today, four years since its inception, the company’s growth is showing no signs of slowing down. Not only did the brand open its first dedicated NYC HQ, it also launched a line of sex products in May.

How did she do it? We teamed up with Reebok, another brand dedicated to building better products for women and shining a light on those who create them, to discover how Kier and LOLA are disrupting their industry, approaching growth, and putting women’s health and wellness in women’s hands — which if you ask us, is exactly where they belong.

I understand why you were inspired to start LOLA, but how did you know the idea would resonate?
“The really interesting thing was doing this customer research in the beginning, because …read more

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