SALT LAKE CITY — Jesus Christ named The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson declared at the faith’s general conference on Sunday morning, and it offends him and expunges his name when people use nicknames for it.

The church’s president gave a detailed, plain, impassioned explanation for his announcement six weeks ago that the faith would no longer use nicknames such as “Mormon church” or “LDS Church.” He said his emphasis on the full name is not a name change, not re-branding, not cosmetic, not a whim and not inconsequential.

“Instead it is a correction,” he said. “It is the command of the Lord.”

He grew emotional when he said the church itself, both administration and members, have perpetuated nicknames that do not include Christ’s name, “subtly disregarding all that Jesus Christ did for us, even his Atonement.”

“After all he had endured,” President Nelson said, his voice trembling slightly, “after all he had done for humankind, I realize with profound regret that we have unwittingly acquiesced in the Lord’s restored church being called by other names, each of which expunges the sacred name of Jesus Christ.”

He noted that reaction to the emphasis on the church’s full name has been mixed, but dismissed concerns about worldly arguments like branding and search engine optimization.

“When the Savior clearly states what the name of his church should be, and even precedes his declaration with, ‘Thus shall my church be called,’ He is serious.”

He called the issue “not negotiable.”

“For much of the world, the Lord’s church is presently disguised as the ‘Mormon church,'” he said, adding that it is disingenuous for church members to be frustrated others use nicknames if the church and its members do the same.

He said Christ should be at the center of members’ lives, and that the church is …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


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