Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo’s Switch console recently added a paid online service that offers access to a growing library of classic games from the Nintendo Entertainment System.
The service gets new games every month. In October, “Super Dodge Ball,” “Solomon’s Key,” and “NES Open Tournament Golf” were the three additions.
In an unannounced surprise, Nintendo also released a new version of the original “Legend of Zelda” that fundamentally changes the game.

Over 30 years ago, Nintendo launched the original “Legend of Zelda” — a sprawling, 8-bit epic that captured the hearts of millions of people around the world.

This week, Nintendo re-released the game in a brand new form: “The Legend of Zelda: Living the life of luxury!”

Better still, the game is free if you’re already a paying subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online — the $20/year service that offers access to a growing library of classic Nintendo Entertainment System games. The game was added as a “save state” within the standard, original version of “The Legend of Zelda.”

So, what in the world is it?

Nintendo called it a “souped-up” version of the original game. “You’ll start with a ton of rupees and items! You’ll begin with all equipment, including the White Sword, the Magical Shield, the Blue Ring, and even the Power Bracelet,” a description from Nintendo’s eShop said. For anyone not familiar, that means that the game’s main character, Link, will start the game with a load of in-game money (rupees) and powerful weapons. It’s kind of like playing the game with a cheat code that grants you a bunch of free stuff.

There’s also a second, more difficult version of the game, unlocked by completing the initial quest.

This “souped-up” version of a classic game is the first of many such versions coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

“Special save data for other NES titles will become …read more

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