Between OOO days, blissful tryptophan-induced naps, football, pies, and a sense of calm that can only exist prior to the storm that is Black Friday, there’s plenty to love about Thanksgiving. The absolute best part? Sitting around a table with the people you love. But what if you can’t actually make it home for the holiday? Rather than spending the long weekend alone or, worse, nestled up with boring takeout, rally up everyone who is around (or make a plan for before everyone leaves) to throw an unforgettable Friendsgiving. Not sure where to start? NBD, because together with American Express, maker of the new Cash Magnet® Card, we’ve put together a cheatsheet from a few Friendsgiving experts that’ll make hosting your own informal T-day dinner super easy. Click through for seven simple tips, then get ready to press send on that group invite text.

Stick to single-pan recipes.

While a huge glistening turkey is the unofficial mascot of Thanksgiving, everyone knows it’s really the side dishes that make the meal. If you plan to whip up a bunch yourself, consider preparing them all together. “I prefer to cook the majority of my veggie items — squash, broccoli, Brussels sprouts — on one big sheet pan in the oven. It saves so much time,” food video producer Alexandra Machover says. To satisfy everyone’s cravings and keep things interesting, Machover lines up each vegetable in rows separated by tin foil and then sprinkles them with different flavors. “I swear by everything bagel seasoning; it’s the best life hack in the world. I’m also a huge fan of balsamic vinegar, since when it reduces, it gets sweeter and helps caramelize the vegetables.”

Take a minimalist approach to dessert.

As delicious as it may sound, baking dessert while also juggling dinner for a dozen of your …read more

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