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Scott Weaver confessed on Wednesday to firing multiple shots with his BB gun at a group of Navy SEAL cadets on a night-time training exercise in July.
Police were called by the Navy and they found Weaver with the replica firearm in his back pack.
He was firing on them from a river bridge in the Liberty Station area of San Diego.
Weaver will likely get a year in jail from the San Diego Superior Court when he in sentenced on November 1.

A California man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to firing “multiple shots” at a group of Navy SEALs in training on July 23 with his BB gun.

Scott Weaver was arrested for firing on a “flotilla” of Navy instructors and SEAL trainees from a bridge while they were on a night-time exercise on water around Liberty Station, near San Diego, The San Diego Union Tribune reported on Thursday.

After the Navy called police, they searched him, found a replica firearm in his backpack, and arrested him.

On Wednesday he reportedly submitted the guilty plea to San Diego Superior Court Judge Timothy Walsh, for “brandishing a replica firearm and attempting to threaten a witness.”

His hearing was scheduled for the next day so Judge Walsh accepted his plea and will sentence him on November 1. He will likely get one year in jail.

A charge of assault with a deadly weapon was dismissed in an earlier hearing, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

An ABC news report at the time of the incident identified Weaver as “homeless.”

A Navy spokesman would not give details to press about what operations the SEALs were doing that night, but confirmed that the special-warfare unit does train in San Diego Bay.

The special-warfare unit is also known as “SEAL Team 6,” is famous for killing Osama Bin Laden in May 2011.

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