B.C.’s Representative for Children and Youth and the First Nations community have been kept in the dark about a government social worker accused of defrauding possibly dozens of youths out of benefits and leaving them homeless and vulnerable.

Despite her legislative mandate, Jennifer Charlesworth said she still does not know the scope of the alleged misconduct, how many young people in government care may be involved, or their current circumstances even though initial concerns apparently arose last year.

Cheryl Casimer, a First Nations Summit executive on the vanguard of child-welfare issues, was steaming mad at the Ministry of Children and Family Development for not telling Aboriginal leaders about the situation.

“I’m fuming that, number one, we find out through the media,” she complained.

“Number two … the children who have been affected, my heart absolutely bleeds for them and feels for them. They were already in a vulnerable situation and then to be subjected to this kind of behaviour and betrayal of trust and everything that goes along with it is just heartbreaking. I just don’t have any words.”

Charlesworth said the file has been on her desk since she assumed her position on Aug. 31 and her staff had been trying for months before she arrived to determine what happened and how many teens may have been affected.

They were stymied, she maintained, by a sealing order and publication ban obtained earlier this year by the government to protect the continuing litigation and an RCMP criminal investigation.

In a class-action lawsuit filed in B.C. Supreme Court on Tuesday, the Public Guardian and Trustee claimed social worker Robert Riley Saunders manipulated the youths into an “independent living” program only to pocket their benefits and abandon them.

And the director of child welfare was accused of not adequately supervising Saunders and failing to have protections …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Politics


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