Looking for mid-term coverage? Wrong place.

Jim Moore Predicts: Can Seahawks overcome 8-1 Rams on the road?

But hokey mid-term report cards in which the Seahawks’ team is evaluated as if it were a grade-school class? Sure, we’ve got that for you right here in what can only be described as a ham-handed attempt to put an upbeat spin on a 4-4 first half of the season.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk:

Halfway through fall semester, we’re writing to inform you on the progress of your students in this year’s class.

Let’s start with the good news. The citizenship is outstanding. Much improved from recent years. No one is crudely grabbing their own crotch on the playground or screaming at the top of their lungs about that day’s lesson plan or shouting “I’m the best first-grader in the game” at the front-office receptionist.

Honestly, that’s a huge improvement over two years ago when we were all thoroughly tired of little Richie Sherman’s big mouth. Things have been a lot quieter since we expelled him. Same with Mikey B., who was a good student in spite of being the class clown. His jokes weren’t the problem, though. It was the fact that he had a really, really, really hard time sitting still at those times we asked everyone to stop fidgeting.

This year’s class is really responsible. They always turn in their homework though they do tend to wait until the very last minute. Like this Chargers’ assignment. They just futzed through the second and the third quarter, watching the Australian exchange student and then marveling at just how far he could kick the ball. Then all of a sudden at the end there was this big mad dash to get finished. Everyone was saying, “Hurry up, hurry up, we’ve got to get done,” …read more

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