VICTORIA – A much-anticipated but short television debate between Premier John Horgan and Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson on Thursday centred mainly on unanswered questions about the three electoral systems versus the potential for a new voting system to engage disenfranchised British Columbians.

“We’re talking about changing to something that’s more inclusive and representative, or sticking with a system that will produce majority governments with a minority of votes,” Horgan said.

Wilkinson focused much of his debate points during the 30-minute live TV format on quizzing Horgan about specific details about the three proposed PR systems. He demanded Horgan tell the public how many MLAs would be elected under each model, as well as how many ridings would be merged and how many votes British Columbians would have on their ballots.

Horgan struggled to explain the specific details, because many of the finer points remain undecided until after the referendum is complete and an all-party committee of MLAs, as well as an electoral boundary commission, decide upon the ridings and formats.

“Premier Horgan is advocating a change to three different systems, two of which have never been used anywhere in the world,” said Wilkinson.

“You don’t believe we can be innovative?” asked Horgan.

“This is not a card game where you can write the rules,” replied Wilkinson.

“People want to know before they fill in that ballot how many MLAs will I have, how many votes will I have… tell us how it’s going to work. You are making the suggestion to change the system, you have to explain to people. And I haven’t heard you explain one single feature tonight.”

Wilkinson argued that the current first past the post system has been used for decades safely and is simple to understand with one vote in each riding for one MLA. Horgan rejected that argument, saying the province should …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Politics


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