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Apple has a big — and misleading — ad on display in Las Vegas during this year’s CES convention.
The ad states, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”
The ad is literally untrue; much of what users do on their iPhones and the data they generate doesn’t stay on their devices.
IPhones leak data to wireless carriers, websites, app developers — and to Apple’s own servers and services.
Apple benefits directly and indirectly from the information that can be gleaned off of users’ iPhones.

Give me a break, Apple.

That’s a cute ad you have in Las Vegas for the CES tech convention. “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone” is both a good dig at your rivals and a clever restating of Sin City’s popular catch phrase.

But it’s literally a lie. What’s happens on customers’ iPhones doesn’t stay on them — and you know it.

All kinds of data leaks off of iPhones, much of it with user permission to the numerous software developers who offer the apps that make your devices so useful. But plenty of it also goes to your own servers and services. That’s something you both encourage and make money off of — in some cases in ways that aren’t all that different from the companies your ad is implicitly deriding.

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