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There are words in the English language that exist solely in certain regions in the US.
In the Northeast, they use words like “sneakers,” “leaf peepers,” and “wicked.”
In the South, they use terms like “sugar” (to describe a kiss) and “ragamuffin.”
In the Midwest, words like “Hoosier” and “ope” are commonly used.

While English is the predominant language in the US, there are different dialects around the country. In some regions, in fact, there are words used that no other part of the country has heard.

As slang words developed over time, regions created their own names for common things. For example, the majority of the country uses the word “soda” to describe the bubbly drink, but the Midwest calls it “pop.” In the South, it is referred to as “coke,” and some places simply call it “tonic.”

Check out some more quirky words that regions have created.

In New England, children drink from “bubblers.”

The term “bubbler” — more specifically heard in Boston and Providence — is used to describe a drinking fountain. In fact, a North Carolina State University study found that only 18% of people in the US use the term “bubbler” and most of them are in the Northeast.

Southerners refer to a group of people as “y’all.”

One of the most popular and well-known slang words from the south is “y’all. “

In the Northeast, people call their gym shoes “sneakers.”

While the rest of the country refers to them as “tennis shoes,” the Northeast calls them “sneakers.”

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