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Las Vegas police want a sample of Cristiano Ronaldo’s DNA in an alleged rape case. Ronaldo denies the allegations.
A 34-year-old woman filed a lawsuit last year alleging Ronaldo assaulted her at a $1,000 per night penthouse in Las Vegas, in 2009.
She went to police the day after the apparent attack took place, and DNA other than her own was found on a dress.
Authorities want to know whether Ronaldo’s DNA matches that which was found on her dress.
Ronaldo’s lawyer has responded by saying the DNA warrant is a “very standard request.”
The lawyer added that it would not be surprising to discover matching DNA, because what occurred in 2009 was “consensual.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyer has said that the Las Vegas police warrant for the soccer player’s DNA in an alleged rape case is a “very standard request.” The Juventus FC player denies the allegations.

The Wall Street Journal reports that authorities issued the warrant to see if Ronaldo’s DNA matches “that found on the dress of a woman who has accused him of rape.”

Las Vegas police reopened the case when Kathryn Mayorga, 34, filed a lawsuit last year that claimed Ronaldo raped her at a $1,000 per night penthouse.

Mayorga went to police the day after the alleged attack on June 12, 2009, where she did not refer to Ronaldo by name but described him as an athlete and public figure.

The 2009 incident “never left” Mayorga, according to her mother, who added that she would “completely disintegrate” whenever she saw him on billboards in the years that followed.

Ronaldo reportedly paid Mayorga $375,000 to not say anything. He also denied the allegation last year, and said the encounter was consensual.

But the WSJ claims that the dress Mayorga wore that night in 2009 remains …read more

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