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Not all stars are destined to be lifelong celebrities.
Some give up on show business entirely and go on to pursue fulfilling careers in other lines of work.
See if you recognize any of these stars who’ve moved on to become lawyers, hairdressers, and business magnates.

Fame can be quite fleeting, and show business comes with a lot of pressure.

So it’s no surprise that celebrity can have an adverse effect on people, especially child stars, USA Today reported. The plight of Hollywood icons who achieved success, only to fall from grace due to drug use or erratic behavior, is well-documented.

But not all stars fall. Some just fade into a less visible line of work after their brush with fame.

Here’s a look at some former stars who ended up in completely different careers:

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Jeff Cohen — Lawrence ‘Chunk’ Cohen from ‘The Goonies’

Claim to fame: Cohen shot to fame for his turn as clumsy, bad-luck-prone Chunk in the classic 1985 adventure film “The Goonies.”

What he does now: Growing up, he was able to use his stint as a child actor to land roles at movie studios, according to the ABA Journal. He decided to go into law, earning his J.D. from UCLA after attending Berkeley.

Cohen went on to cofound the entertainment-oriented law firm Gardner Cohen LLP.

Crystal McKellar — Becky Slater from ‘The Wonder Years’

Claim to fame: McKellar acted alongside her sister Danica in the television series “The Wonder Years.”

Both sisters had been considered for the main role of Winnie, but Danica won out, and Crystal was brought on to play Becky Slater instead.

What she does now: During their …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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