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My constant use of social media was having a negative impact on my mental health and body image.
Instead of completely deleting my accounts, I reinvented my social media feeds by filling them with positive content.
Tweaking my social media feeds has shown me it’s possible to find happiness and peace of mind on social media.

The time we spend scrolling and consuming content online can often eclipse the time we spend with people in real life.

Research has begun to show that this constant connection to the digital world may have a negative impact on users’ mental health, and by the end of 2018, I was starting to feel that.

Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn, I found myself surrounded by not only loud opinions, but carefully crafted caricatures of perfect careers, social lives, and lifestyles. Whether it was an #aesthetic flat-lay of someone’s smoothie bowl or an “effortless” post-workout mirror picture, there appeared to be no room for error or divergence in the surging stream of content flowing down my various feeds.

But instead of relating to the content in my feeds, I found myself repeatedly drawn back to it to verify and fuel my self-doubts. While I could have simply deleted my accounts, that felt like avoiding my problem instead of facing it.

Instead, I decided to become an active curator of my own feeds and create a social media space where I felt represented, inspired, and happy.

I found a way to make my social feeds social again

In my experience, many social media platforms we use today aren’t social at all — they’re built around the presentation of achievements rather than a meaningful discussion of them.

As a new journalist, I found little encouragement following the achievements of my career idols through only their Twitter …read more

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