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Some foods just taste better at a restaurant.
Butter is too expensive to make yourself.
Ceviche is typically safer in a restaurant.

Cooking food at home instead of eating out is usually a good way to save money, but if you’re interested in trying new foods — or enjoying your favorites that go beyond the basic — creating them in your own kitchen might not always be the best way to go.

Some dishes can be complicated or require equipment that most people don’t keep in their home kitchens, and sometimes, it’s totally worth it to shell out the extra cash to let a professional do the hard work instead. And in cases where food safety is concerned, it’s especially important to save these foods for dining out.

According to experts, here’s the scoop on foods you should always order at a restaurant instead of making at home yourself.

Ceviche is safest ordered straight from a restaurant

According to “Hell’s Kitchen” winner and Executive Head Chef at Dos Caminos Ariel Fox, ceviche is something that diners should order out instead of making at home, since the dish requires raw fish that is high quality and fresh, which can’t always be guaranteed when purchasing at a supermarket.

“At restaurants, chefs are trained to prepare ceviche with citrus to guarantee it’s safe to eat, and delicious too,” Fox said. “The lime juice and citrus the seafood soaks in may make the seafood appear to be cooked, but it isn’t always the case, resulting in a home cook consuming fish that’s actually still raw and not safe to serve. A chef’s eye is able to ensure the proper level of rawness that is acceptable to eat.”

Salad will probably taste better from a restaurant

If you’ve noticed that the salad you make at home never tastes as …read more

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