HYDE PARK, Cache County — Two city employees quit their jobs after their manager was demoted and subsequently reinstated to his position after allegedly pointing a gun at them during a meeting months ago.

On Nov. 14, Mike Grunig, Hyde Park’s public works director, called a regular meeting in his office. But that meeting took a strange turn when employees say he stated, “Don’t you think Justin would look better with a green dot on his forehead?”

“Mike then pulled a 9 mm Smith & Wesson handgun out of his pocket that had not been in a holster, open(ed) the slide, turn(ed) on the green laser and pointed it” at employee Justin Bodrero, a North Park police memo states.

Employees said Grunig then pointed the gun’s laser at Bodrero’s crotch before moving the laser onto the chests of the other two men.

The series of events is painted in documents obtained by the Deseret News Thursday through a public records request.

Grunig told the men that “he had a friend that does this to him and he hates it,” the investigative memo written by North Park Police Chief Steve Milne states.

“It was like the oxygen was sucked out of the room,” public works employee Kolby Christiansen told police.

Christiansen said he didn’t know whether there was ammunition in the gun at the time and Grunig did not make any threatening statements while pointing the weapon, Milne wrote.

In statements to the police chief, Christiansen and Bodrero described strange behavior they noticed in Grunig and their fear of retaliation if they reported the incidents, which they said led them to wait months.

“I asked Justin why he did not report this sooner. He said at the time he was more taken back, but after hearing of other incidents he is worried about Mike and worried about other people’s safety. …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


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