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People often think the life of a digital nomad is idealistic and full of parties and beaches.
In reality, you have to work twice as hard to keep a routine, and focus on what’s important to you.
Otherwise you can end up getting sucked up into the cycle of getting up late and never sticking to a work schedule to achieve your goals.
Psychologist Carolin Müller has been a digital nomad for nearly six years, living in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam since 2018 alone.
She said change is wonderful and exciting, but everything comes with a catch.

The life of a digital nomad is often looked at in envy. You can work while travelling the world, seeing all the places you’ve ever wanted without having to press pause on your paycheck.

But while there are definite advantages to this remote lifestyle, there are pressures and stresses that aren’t talked about as much.

Carolin Müller has been a digital nomad for the past six years, running an online psychology business.

She spoke to INSIDER from Vietnam, but in 2018 she was in Sri Lanka, then Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Currently she has a tourist visa so has to move again in three months’ time.

“I know the struggles,” she said. “When you live in another culture that you don’t understand, you focus a lot on your career you can feel socially isolated. It’s much harder for digital nomads to stay mentally healthy.”

You never feel settled

It’s different from the life of an expat, she said, because you can never feel settled having no fixed address. Expats at least know they’re going to be in one place for the forseeable future.

“This is the ideal, exploring the world and working at the same time,” Müller said. “But you’re never in a stable culture. …read more

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