Roku Express

Roku Express is a streaming device from Roku that turns your ordinary TV into a “smart TV,” able to stream Netflix, Hulu, and hundreds of other streaming channels.
The least expensive streaming device in the Roku family, the Roku Express was originally intended to compete with the Google Chromecast.
The Roku Express is a small device about the size of a deck of cards. It can be hidden out of the way by affixing it to the back or bottom of your TV with an included adhesive.
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The Roku Express is Roku’s least expensive streaming device for budget-minded shoppers looking to upgrade their “dumb” TV to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services.

Currently priced at just under $30, it’s the cheapest streaming device that Roku offers, originally intended to be a more attractive alternative than Google’s Chromecast. (When the Roku Express debuted in 2016, it was several dollars less than the then-new Chromecast; today, the two products are essentially the same price.)

What you can do with a Roku Express

The Roku Express does essentially all the same things as any other streaming device in the Roku family; it plugs into your television via an HDMI port and adds thousands of streaming channels to your TV viewing options – it includes all of the usual mainstream channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, YouTube, and others, but many less common channels as well.

Many of these are channels you may be familiar with, like Crackle, Adult Swim, and Vevo. But with so many channels in the Roku library, there are hundreds that you probably haven’t heard of which cater to very niche interests.

Note that while many channels are free, some — like …read more

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