Yesterday, I descended on Coachella Valley in Indio, CA, with a Google Pixel 3 in hand. I inhaled a lot of dust, witnessed a lot of dance-floor makeouts, shed tears when Ariana Grande brought *NSYNC onstage, and asked many strangers to take pictures of me and my sister.

I left the festival with the most professional batch of photos I’ve ever gotten on a phone, from my many selfies to Ariana Grande’s pink-and-blue dreamscape orb to the ferris wheel at midnight. Basically, the Pixel is the perfect festival companion. Ahead, check out how I did Coachella Pixel-style taking full advantage of the night photography feature, mastering the Group Selfie, and dropping more than a few dancing Childish Gambino Playmoji.

Google paid for Coachella tickets and a hotel stay as part of a press trip the writer of this story attended. However, Google did not approve or review this story.

Night Sight

My hands-down favorite feature of the Pixel is Night Sight. It’s a huge game-changer for night photography and seriously takes low-light photos to the next level, no flash necessary. The phone automatically suggests Night Sight when you’re in low light, so all you have to do is enable it. I went a little Night Sight crazy throughout Ariana Grande’s entire performance so that I can carry the memories in my pocket at all times for the rest of eternity.

Brighter in the Dark

Google Pixel put on “a multi-sensory sight and sound experience” installation called Brighter in the Dark designed by Childish Gambino, which made for a perfect setting for testing out Night Sight. The installation is comprised of two parts — one that isolates sight, and the other, sound. The righthand image was taken inside the soundscape part, which was pitch black, save for a neon light show paired …read more

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