Poor Amy

On Tuesday night’s episode of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff felt bullied and pressured by her ex-husband.

Matt wants her to make a decision, but Amy wants to weigh all of her options with a major decision like giving up her home.

But some fans and viewers have grown impatient, and they’re putting Amy on blast for not making up her mind already.

“I just want to make the best decision,” Amy explains of her reluctance to commit to either staying or going.

“Moving out of a house that I never really thought I’d move out of years ago …” she says.

Amy confesses that “to think about that now is a little daunting.”

“It is a little scary,” she notes. “It’s a little intimidating”

Amy admits that she feels this way “because I’ve never been on my own before.”

Matt was feeling impatient, and even accused Amy of being “selfish.”

Unfortunately, some very outspoken fans felt the same way.

They took to Amy’s Instagram comments to let her know how they really feel about her dragging her heels on making this major decision.

“Keep your house. Not fair to have lived with your kids coming back there until they moved on and now you’re alone and don’t want it. You’re selfish”

“You seem mean and controlling even though you divorced Matt you want to try and control his destiny!.”

“Watching tonight and all I can say is make up your dam mind,” one angry fan comments.

The viewer writes: “even your kids say the same”

“And why should Matt have to give up the side of the farm he’s been on for 3 years?” the comment asks.

“He didn’t want the DW but had no choice and after 3 years you wAnt it ?” the fan expresses.

The comment concludes: “I’d tell you to go pound sand.”

“I think you need to …read more

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