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The US government has stepped up its rhetoric against Huawei, with US president Donald Trump signing an executive order that could ban US firms from buying equipment from the Chinese company.
And earlier this year, the top US cyber official, Robert Strayer, asked European governments to consider the “threat” posed by using Huawei’s 5G equipment in their mobile networks.
Huawei has shot back against the “unreasonable” order, and has previously claimed the US spies on people.
Security experts told Business Insider that the US was afraid of yielding control of telecoms infrastructure to Chinese firms that might have to kowtow to laws from an undemocratic regime.
Huawei has also been upping the ante, filing a lawsuit against the US government over its federal agency ban, and arresting Canadian nationals in China after the firm’s CFO was detained in Vancouver.

The US has upped its pressure on Chinese tech giant Huawei, after President Trump signed an executive order enabling the government to ban US firms from buying foreign-made telecommunications kit that poses a national security risk.

The order doesn’t name Huawei specifically, but it’s pretty clear Trump’s actions are directly aimed at the Chinese firm, which the US has accused of being a potential conduit for Chinese spying. Huawei was separately barred from buying parts and components from US firms without a licence.

The executive order is the latest development in months of drama between the US and Huawei.

Another flashpoint was when US officials visited Europe earlier this year to persuade European allies to take similar action against Huawei, and lock the firm out of their 5G networks. The conference , attended by more than 100,000 mobile industry workers, was heavily sponsored by Huawei, and senior executives took the chance to take shots at the US.

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Source:: Business Insider


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