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A a no-deal Brexit would undermine the UK’s efforts to combat climate change, the government is warned.
Leaving the EU without a deal will cost the UK access to the EU’s Earth Observation programme and swathes of data on how best to fight climate change, the Liberal Democrats warned on Thursday.
The “Copernicus” programme gives UK businesses and researchers access to research on how best to understand climate change and mitigate against its effects.
However, the UK will no longer participate in the programme if it leaves without a deal.
There is growing concern about a no-deal Brexit in October as the Westminster impasse continues.

LONDON — Theresa May’s government has been warned by opposition politicians that a no-deal Brexit would make it harder for the United Kingdom to monitor climate change, as it will stop receiving crucial scientific data from a key European Union programme.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove this month said climate change was an “emergency” following a visit by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and a House of Commons motion which urged the UK to do more to protect the environment.

“It is a crisis, it is a threat, that all of us have to unite to meet,” Gove told Members of Parliament.

However, while the government has pledged to up efforts to combat climate change, it was warned by the Liberal Democrats on Thursday that leaving the EU without a deal would make it more difficult for the UK to monitor its impact on the environment.

Sir Vince Cable’s party, which have surged in the polls in recent weeks following growing dissatisfaction with the two major parties in British politics, have raised concerns that a no-deal Brexit — advocated by dozens of Conservative MPs — would result in the UK losing out on data collected by the EU’s Copernicus Earth Observation programme.

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