Adrian Granzella Larssen

Adrian Granzella Larssen is a content strategist, editorial director, and founder of Sweet Spot Content, a company that helps early-stage companies and entrepreneurs create engaging content.
Two years ago, when she left her full-time job to start her consulting business, she decided to email all of the people she’d known and worked with in the past to let them know about her career transition.
She now calls that outreach email “the smartest move I could have made,” because it led to a full 100% of her clients in that first year of business.
Larssen shared the exact text of her email with Business Insider, along with the other hidden benefits to her approach, below.
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Two years ago, I left my full-time job to start a consulting business.

Like many who make the move, I wasn’t sure how I’d find clients. Unlike a brick-and-mortar, I didn’t have a “Grand Opening” sign to hang outside. Unlike some companies, I didn’t want just anyone to walk through the door—I wanted to be thoughtful about my first few projects. And unlike other online businesses, I didn’t have a targeted email list with potential clients at the ready.

Or did I?

Actually, I did: It was the network I’d built over the years through various jobs, professional connections, and partnerships.

I decided to start there — with an email to people I’d known and worked with in the past, letting them know about my career transition — and it was the smartest move I could have made. In fact, 100% of my clients that first year in business came from one single email. It worked so well that I recommend it frequently to friends who’ve started consulting gigs, all of whom have had similar results.

I’ll share that email (and …read more

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