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Twitter HR chief Jennifer Christie received a cold email from an employee, Catie Duyn, who was interested in changing roles.
Christie said the note impressed her because Duyn was upfront about wanting to meet and had clearly done her homework on Christie.
Duyn is now chief of staff for the global head of talent acquisition.
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Catie Duyn worked on Twitter’s consumer marketing team, managing Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

But she felt passionate about the company’s unique workplace culture — and she had a feeling she’d be better suited to human resources.

Duyn kept these thoughts mostly to herself. But while making a cup of tea one day in the London office where she worked, Duyn confided in an HR business partner. The HR rep let Duyn know that Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s vice president of people, would be visiting London later that month. She urged Duyn to send Christie an email.

Duyn took her chances and dashed off a few sentences to Christie.

Fast-forward to today: Duyn is the chief of staff for the global head of talent acquisition at the roughly 4,000-person company.

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Here’s the email she sent:

Hi Jennifer –

I hope your week is going well. I’ve heard you are making your way to London soon – that’s wonderful!

I’d love to treat you to a coffee and introduce myself. If you are a pastry lover, there is a Nordic Bakery behind the office that I must show you.

I’m on the consumer marketing team, but very interested in training to be in HR. I’d love to hear your perspective and any advice you may have on hand? I know you are very busy …read more

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