Climate change


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Climate change

BP warns that extreme conditions raises demand for fossil fuels

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019 – 6:38am

Extreme weather last year stoked demand for fossil fuels causing carbon emissions from the global energy industry to rise at the fastest rate in almost a decade, warns BP.

The oil company said its analysis showed that global energy demand and emissions grew faster than expected last year, mainly due to “an unusually large number” of hot and cold days causing an increase in demand for heating and air conditioning.

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This means the planet may be facing a “vicious cycle”, The Times says, in which extreme weather caused by climate change “drives up energy use for heating and air conditioning, further increasing planet-warming emissions”.

The Guardian adds a stark warning, saying: “We cannot afford many more years like this.”

Although BP said that it was possible the trend was just “random variation” …read more

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