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Some condiments, meats, and cheeses may be something entirely different than what they claim to be.
Foods like fish are often mislabeled to mislead customers into buying more abundant and common fish.
Wasabi and soy sauce at most places in the US are knock-off versions of the originals because they are too difficult to produce on a mass scale.
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Whether it be through acquiring high-quality ingredients to cook with at home or venturing out to a five-star restaurant, many consumers find themselves on the hunt for elevated dining experiences.

That said, some common ingredients marketed as one thing may be something else entirely. At a sashimi dinner, your tuna, soy sauce, and wasabi could all be knock-offs of the real thing — even at an upscale restaurant.

Chef and dietitian Michele Sidorenkov attributes the trendiness of ingredients in America to its widespread food “impostors.”

“Most consumers actually don’t know the difference between the real or impostor ingredient because some taste the same and act the same when incorporated into recipes,” Sidorenkov said.

Here are 10 the most common fake foods on the market.

Truffle oil oftentimes contains no truffles.

Executive Chef Christian Frangiadis of Spork in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has found guests don’t know that white truffle oil typically doesn’t contain any actual white truffles.

“White truffles are about $1,000 per pound, so most of the oils contain 0% genuine white truffle. Instead, the flavor comes from gasses created in a lab meant to simulate the taste of white truffles infused in a neutral oil,” he said. “A bottle of this ‘imposter’ oil is about $17.”

The strong flavor does however come through with shavings.

“Truffle shavings are typically discarded. Instead, we infuse the shavings into an oil or butter to preserve the authentic flavor,” Fragiadis continued. …read more

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