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Divers have discovered a new species of wrasse — a brightly-colored marine fish — in the waters off Zanzibar, Tanzania.
They named the fish Cirrhilabrus wakanda, after the fictional country that’s home to Marvel superhero Black Panther.
The fish’s common name is “vibranium fairy wrasse,” after the powerful metal that lines the Black Panther’s suit. The scientists said the creature’s gleaming purple scales reminded them of the vibranium-laced outfit.
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Deep in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania, swims a tiny, reclusive, and colorful fish.

Its deep purple scales, set in a chain-link pattern, reminded scientists of the high-tech suit worn by the superhero Black Panther.

So they named the previously-undiscovered, 2-inch-long fish Cirrhilabrus wakanda, after the Black Panther’s mythical African country, Wakanda.

In a new study, researchers describe the creature, whose common name is “vibranium fairy wrasse” — a moniker that gives a nod to the fantastical, near-indestructible metal that lines the Black Panther’s superhero suit.

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“When we thought about the secretive and isolated nature of these unexplored African reefs, we knew we had to name this new species after Wakanda,” Yi-Kai Tea, lead author of the new study, said in a press release. “We’ve known about other related fairy wrasses from the Indian Ocean, but always thought there was a missing species along the continent’s eastern edge. When I saw this amazing purple fish, I knew instantly we were dealing with the missing piece of the puzzle.”

Diving to reefs up to 260 feet below the surface

The vibranium fairy wrasse prefers the remote, dimly lit waters of the “twilight zone,” hiding among tropical coral reefs up to 260 feet below the surface.

That depth is …read more

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