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Due to technological advancements and changes in curriculum, schools have evolved a lot throughout the years.
From rolling TV carts to computer labs with clunky monitors, many parts of the classroom have become obsolete.
INSIDER asked teachers what once-common classroom essentials are now a thing of the past.
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Though many parts of the classroom experience have stayed the same through the years — like waiting for the bell that signifies the end of the school day and passing crumpled-up notes during class — plenty of things about school have changed, too.

INSIDER spoke with two US public school teachers, Ashley Marquez of the “Teach Create Motivate” podcast and Fernanda Sandoval of YouTube channel That One Happy Classroom, who shared the things that have become obsolete in most schools.

Here are 10 things you might remember from your school days that are no longer found in most classrooms.

Chalkboards are a thing of the past.

Ashley Marquez, who hosts the “Teach Create Motivate” podcast and has been a third-grade teacher for seven years near Dallas, Texas, said chalkboards are no longer a part of most classrooms.

“The only reason you may see chalk is during outdoor lessons with sidewalk chalk, but as far as chalkboards go, they’re really less common now,” Marquez said. “Even small chalkboards that students used to have at their desk for quizzes or lessons have been replaced with whiteboards.”

So are these overhead projectors, which used to be fixtures of every classroom.

“Most classrooms have projectors on the ceiling that display whatever is on the teacher’s computer onto the wall,” Marquez said. “As far as the overhead projector where the teacher would roll it out on the cart and display transparent sheets of the lesson, that definitely no longer …read more

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