Tropical Storm Barry

New Orleans could face even more flood damage from Tropical Storm Barry as the Mississippi River contains unprecedented levels of water as the storm approaches.
One hydrologist said that this was the “first time we’ve had a tropical system with water levels on the river this high” as the storm is already bringing flooding and has prompted evacuations.
Louisiana’s governor said the river is not predicted to exceed its levees but a change in the storm’s strength or direction could lead to it doing so.
Barry is expected to make landfall on Saturday morning, and could do so as a hurricane, testing the city’s defenses that began to be improved after Hurricane Katrina.
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An unprecedented problem could mean that New Orleans faces even more flood damage from Tropical Storm Barry, which is likely to become a hurricane as it hits Louisiana.

The outer bands of the storm began to hit Louisiana on Friday, prompting evacuations, and bringing flooding, rain, and what the National Hurricane Center warned is “life-threatening storm surge.”

But the conditions brought by the storm will likely have an even worse effect on the city as the Mississippi River has faced continuous flooding and is currently has a water level of 16 feet.

CNN quoted Jeffrey Graschel, a hydrologist with the National Weather Service’s Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center, as saying that the issue is unprecedented.

“This is the first time we’ve had a tropical system with water levels on the river this high,” he said.

The storm is expected to test the city’s levees, potentially more than the deadly 2005 Hurricane Katrina did. That hurricane killed more than 1,800 people after levees failed.

The levees are only 20 feet high in some places — and the flooding from Barry could exceed that level, the National Weather Centre …read more

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