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Before his July 6 arrest, Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets criss-crossed the globe every third day, most often between airports near his properties in the United States and France.
INSIDER gleaned Epstein’s travel patterns from crowdsourced flight data gathered by avionics enthusiasts, who use special equipment to detect and record data that every aircraft broadcasts during flight
The same data show several international trips, including to the United Kingdom, Slovakia, and Morocco —sometimes for only a few hours at a time.
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As reporters and federal prosecutors turned the screws on multi-millionaire sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein over the past two years, the notorious money manager appears to have enjoyed a globetrotting lifestyle that involved weekly flights between his properties in New York, New Mexico, Florida, the US Virgin Islands, and Paris, as well as occasional excursions to the United Kingdom, Slovakia, and Morocco.

This account of Epstein’s travels is based on two years of flight data associated with two Gulfstream airliners registered to companies that appear to belong to him. Without detailed passenger manifests, it’s impossible to know whether Epstein was present on each individual flight. In the aggregate, however, the flight records illustrate an improbably lavish lifestyle, and raise further questions about how he earned and spent his fortune.

Most flights can be tracked in real time by anyone in the world. Epstein, however, has long taken advantage of a little-known federal policy that permits the owners of private jets to conceal their real-time movements from public view. At the same time, every aircraft is required to continually broadcast its unique “tail number,” speed, and current location using a system known as automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast, or ADS-B.

Anyone with the appropriate (and relatively inexpensive) equipment can pick up and record ADS-B signals from aircraft passing …read more

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