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The emotional and mental effects of cheating can create tension or even end a relationship or marriage.
In some places, cheating also has legal consequences like monetary fines and jail time.
Afghanistan, Taiwan, Pakistan, and even some U.S. states consider infidelity illegal.
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Cheating on a partner can cause emotions to run high and trust to be broken. Depending on the couple, infidelity can also lead to major resentment and the end of a relationship or marriage.

But in some places, cheating also has legal consequences like monetary fines or even jail time.

In places where the law is influenced by religion – like in some Middle Eastern countries that abide by Sharia, or Islamic law – tend to use legal punishments including imprisonment, fines, and exile, for acts of infidelity.

Even in the United States, seven states allow for a person who was cheated on to take the situation to civil court.

Here are 19 places around the world that have cheating-related laws.

In the Philippines, men and women who have sex with someone other than their spouse could face jail time. So does the person they cheat with.

Women who cheat on their spouses and are caught may go to jail for a maximum of six years, while men may go for a maximum of four and a half years. In the Philippines, “cheating” means having sexual intercourse.

Additionally, if a man cheats in his wife, the woman he cheated on her with is sentenced to exile for four years and one day. If a man has sex with a married women, his punishment is six years of jail time.

In Indonesia, Sharia forbids adultery. If someone is caught, they could go to jail for up to nine months.

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