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It’s rare that a week goes by without Jessa Duggar getting mom-shamed for some behavior or belief that her Instagram followers don’t agree with.

But it’s just as rare for Jessa to take this much flak in the span of just a few days.

Earlier this week, Jessa was criticized for denying her daughter a pacifier.

Many of her followers felt that this was an unnecessarily cruel restriction which did not serve to benefit the child in any way.

Yes, it’s only been 8 weeks since Jessa welcomed her third child, and that’s the sort of backlash she’s forced to contend with already.

We suppose it’s not hard to see why she’s not taking it lying down.

“I always nurse my babies on demand, so she has constant access to the ‘pacifier’ God designed,” Jessa responded when a follower asked whnhy she’s so opposed to pacifiers.

“I am her pacifier,” Jessa added.

“I prefer it that way too … Nursing isn’t only for food, but for comfort and Mama’s closeness.”

Eh … not all that wacky an explanation by Duggar standards, and “God’s pacifiers” is a hilarious way to refer to boobs, so we’ll allow it.

Besides, we have no and equally weird Jessa parenting controversies to move on to.

As you may know, the Duggars are very, very big on disciplining their children.

And these means not only are the kids punished at a young age (sometimes with such controversial techniques as “blanket training”), they also start helping out around the house at a very young age.

Which explains why Jessa’s eldest — 3-year-old Spurgeon — is already working a vacuum cleaner:

Spurgeon Seewald Does Chores

The Duggars have taken flak for their perceived unwillingness to let kids be kids, which may explain why Jessa decided to get in front of that criticism by posting a lengthy explanation for …read more

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