Landon Clements and Ashley Jacobs Are Friends

Ashley Jacobs made her controversial return to Southern Charm on Wednesday.

Naturally, she caught a plenty of flak from fans who were not pleased to see her return after all the drama with Thomas Ravenel.

But co-star Landon Clements showed up to declare herself for team Ashley, and she’s telling the haters to back off!

On the night of Ashley’s return to the series, Landon took to Instagram in solidarity, posting a photo of herself with Ashley.

It’s a lovely, simple black and white shot of the two girls smiling and just being buds.

Landon added a supportive caption to the post as well.

“I wish everyone got to meet the girl I know,” Landon captions.

Simple and to the point, for sure, but it wasn’t enough to sway most of the fans in the comments.

“She should’ve acted like the girl you know,” responded one fan with a sassy, winking emoji.

Others were so offended by the show of support, they were ready to lump Landon in with Ashley

“Kathryn was right about Landon this whole time,” said one commentor.

They went on to add, “And to think most of us thought Landon was the southern belle and Kathryn was the crazy one.”

But Landon clapped back to set the record straight.

“Give Kathryn a google,” Landon replied, adding that she was “sadly up to her old ways.”

Kathryn is still in the midst of a vicious custody battle with Thomas Ravenel, who dated and left her before moving on to Ashley.

Landon and Ashley have both been creepily supportive of Thomas, who was arrested in 2018 for sexually assaulting his children’s nanny.

Thomas is understandably no longer allowed on Southern Charm, so Ashley is on-hand to replace him as a drama surrogate.

She may mean well, but Landon has a habit of defending people in the most tone-deaf way possible.

She shockingly …read more

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