Greg Clark: no-deal Brexit to cost thousands of jobs

Business Secretary Greg Clark has urged his cabinet colleagues to avoid a no-deal Brexit, saying it would cost the country “many thousands of jobs”. Speaking to Sky News, he added: “Everyone knows that.” The intervention makes it “almost certain” that Clark will lose his cabinet position if Boris Johnson become Tory leader, according to the broadcaster.

Hunt urges UK envoys to continue ‘speaking truth to power’

Jeremy Hunt has reiterated his support for Sir Kim Darroch, the departing British ambassador to the US, in what The Guardian says is a “coded rebuke” to Tory leadership rival Boris Johnson. Hunt has written to all Foreign Office staff praising Darroch and urging them to continue “speaking truth to power and standing up for British interests”.

Google workers listen in on private conversations

Google has admitted that its workers routinely listen to recordings of conversations made by its Assistant artificial-intelligence system, following the leak of 1,000 voice recordings to Belgian public broadcaster VRT NWS. The tech company is investigating the breach but insists that contractors only listen to the audio clips – many of which are recorded by users by accident – in order to …read more

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