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Amazon’s Alexa assistant does work on the iPhone, in a very similar way to an Amazon Echo device.
After installing the Alexa app on your iPhone, you can use Alexa in a variety of ways.
Not only can you set up a new Amazon Echo using your phone, but you can use Alexa on your phone as a personal assistant, very similar to Siri.
You can also play audio from your iPhone on an Echo speaker using Bluetooth.
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Amazon Alexa — the personal assistant built into Amazon Echo smart speakers — is designed to work seamlessly with your iPhone in several ways.

Using the Alexa app in the App Store, you can perform initial setup for your Echo using an iPhone, as well as control and manage Alexa after it’s set up.

In addition, the Alexa app can be used as a personal voice-enabled assistant on your iPhone, in much the same way you may already use Siri.

And finally, you can pair your iPhone with Alexa to stream audio from your phone to an Amazon Echo speaker.

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How to set up Alexa with your iPhone

To get started, install the Alexa app from the App Store.

You don’t need to have an Amazon Echo to use Alexa on your phone, but the Alexa app is designed to step you through the setup process for a new Amazon Echo. Tap “Begin Setup” and follow the instructions to sign into your Amazon account and, if you have an …read more

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