Scott Disick Has His Own Show

A week ago, we showed you a Flip It Like Disick sneak peek of Scott having a heart-to-heart with Kourtney Kardashian.

On the most recent episode, we saw the context — Scott is using his new passion for real estate to build his kids an unbeliavable playhouse.

Will the six-figure structure be enough to please his three kids? Take a look.

The first season of Flip It Like Disick premiered on E! about 10 days ago, on August 4.

The humorously titled series is about Scott buying multimillion dollar homes and then flipping them so that they sell for eve

(That’s smart — it’s right up his alley and, these days, the rich are almost the only ones who can buy homes)

But this project is a little smaller and a lot more personal.

Scott wants to make up for lost time with his kids by being a superdad — and building them a playhouse that will be the envy of the world.

Scott explained that he was inspired by a structure he saw in Forbes that was in Mexico.

He loved how the architect had blended many different types of wood into a single, modern structure.

Scott’s aim was to do the same for his kids in an outdoor, backyard structure that would serve as an opulent playhouse for them.

This isn’t some treehouse — it has its own lighting and windows.

It’s exactly the kind of extravagant treat that you’d expect from a millionaire dad who’s trying to make up for past mistakes.

Scott spoke during the episode about his role as a parent.

“Now that it’s part of life and they want me to be there, I’m happy to be there,” Scott stated frankly.

He admitted: “I never thought I would have kids at such an early age.”

“And,” he confessed. “It was really difficult at first.”

“I didn’t know how to …read more

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