At the end of my first GRIT BXNG class, I thought I was going to pass out — in a good way. I was woozy and completely drenched in my own sweat. As my head spun and my treadmill slowed to a stop, a cheesy thought hit me: Do I actually have grit? I usually consider myself the weakest link in exercise classes, but there was something about this tough, full body workout that made me push harder than I had in previous classes. From the moment I walked past the sparkly, blue punching bag at check-in, I felt inspired to work hard, and get shit done.

GRIT launched this month, and it’s a 50 minute workout that combines boxing, strength training, and cardio on the treadmill. “It’s a one stop shop for toning and building lean muscle,” co-founder Ediva Zanker tells Refinery29. “And the strength workouts change every single time you go, so you won’t plateau. Sometimes we’ll use medicine balls, sometimes bands, some days dumbbell. It’s constantly changing and shocks your body so you always get the best results.”

Class takes place in a beautiful, dark studio with blue teardrop Aqua Punching Bags hanging from the ceiling in the middle. There are benches for strength training in one corner, and treadmills lining the walls of the room. They have a multi-million dollar lighting and sound system, with a giant TV screen that cycles through trippy and mesmerizing videos that show things like champagne bottles popping in 3D.

Photo: Courtesy of Jorge Quinteros.

The class is broken up into three sections and a lightning round at the end. It’s basically a mashup combining training techniques from Barry’s Bootcamp and Rumble Boxing. Like both of those classes, there’s a lot going on all at once. The instructors have people …read more

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