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The online grocery store Thrive Market sells a ton of healthy, sustainable, and socially conscious products.
It’s also a snack haven for anyone with dietary restrictions or who is looking to eat cleaner.
Thrive Market’s selection is vast and their prices are better than shopping at a health food store like Whole Foods.

I’ve been a member of Thrive Market for the past couple of years and have always loved the way it curates food products that are sustainable, healthy, and tasty. If you’re not familiar with the website, members pay a yearly fee ($60) that gives them access to purchase products at relatively low prices, sort of like an online-only, healthy Costco. And for every membership created, Thrive gives one to a family in need, which I love.

I don’t currently live very close to a natural food place like Whole Foods, so Thrive’s nonperishable options like pasta, sauces, and of course, snacks help me fill in the gaps after I grocery shop in store. But my favorite thing about Thrive? Their awesome snack collection full of hundreds of tasty goods that often cater to dietary restrictions. Everything on this list tastes great, and a lot of them are surprisingly free of gluten, keto-friendly, or plant-based.

These snacks from Thrive Market are sure to satisfy any craving:Rick’s Picks Sour Snacking Pickles

Rick’s Picks Sour Snacking Pickles, $1.99

I love eating pickles, but it’s hard to take them as an on-the-go snack. Here, the popular pickle brand Rick’s Picks offers little snack-size pickles in travel-size, single-serve packaging. The pickles taste sour, with a nice salty and acidic bite, and I gobble these up whenever I have them on hand. I’ve even thought about pouring some of the leftover brine into a cocktail. And they’re low calorie, vegan, …read more

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