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By now, most of us know that we should be lathering sunscreen onto our arms, legs, face, and the rest of our body. But many of us neglect some important parts of our body when it comes to SPF, like our lips.
A lip balm with SPF is an easy way to keep your lips moisturized and protected from UV rays.
I love Sun Bum’s Sunscreen Lip Balm ($3.99). It’s hydrating, protects lips with SPF 30, and tastes so good — I use it all year round.

I hate having chapped lips. Who’s with me?

Unless you somehow just naturally have perfectly moisturized lips all the time, chances are you’ve relied on a lip balm at some point. My lip balm collection is pretty expansive — you can never have enough. Leave one at your desk, one in your bathroom, one in your purse, and while you’re at it, pick one with SPF.

Lips are an often-missed area when it comes to skin protection, but the truth is our lips are just as susceptible to sun damage as the rest of our face. Using a lip balm with SPF is an easy way to keep your pout moisturized and protected from UV rays, which can make our lips sunburned, chapped, and contribute to skin cancer.

When it comes to SPF lip balms, Sun Bum is my go-to. The brand may boast a carefree, beachy vibe, but their sun-care products are no joke — I’ve found everything from the spray sunscreens to lotions to be very effective and easy on skin.

Like the rest of their product line, the Sunscreen Lip Balm from Sun Bum is made with ingredients that won’t irritate your skin, …read more

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