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Gun control activists have been testing Walmart’s new gun policy and one group says many of its members have been able to openly carry guns in stores without being asked to leave.
Walmart said it was “respectfully requesting” that customers do not open carry guns in its stores in the wake of two mass shootings that killed 24 people, but did not announce an outright ban.
Gun advocacy group Open Carry Texas said many of its 38,000 members had openly carried their guns into Walmart stores and none were asked to leave, and said Walmart was “ducking the issue.”
Two other grocery stores, Aldi and Meijer, announced on Tuesday that they were asking customers not to open carry in their stores, joining chains like Walmart, CVS, and Kroger in introducing similar policies.
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Thousands of people have been able to openly bring their guns into Walmart even though the retailer is now asking people to stop open carrying in its stores, according to a gun advocacy group in Texas.

Walmart announced changes to its gun carrying policies in September after two deadly shootings in Walmart stores in Texas and Mississippi in August that left 24 people dead.

Doug McMillion, Walmart’s CEO, then said in a memo to employees that the company was “respectfully requesting” that customers stop openly carrying firearms into its stores.

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But he did not say that doing so would be banned outright, and a spokesperson then told Business Insider that store managers will be able to decide how to handle situations and that those openly carrying may not always be asked to leave.

Gun rights activists are now testing if the …read more

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