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Wearable health technology may have started out as simple step counters, but medical device companies and startups have transformed these wearables into cutting-edge personal healthcare tools. Wearable technology can be worn as wrist-bands, watches, glasses or clothing – and the list doesn’t end there.

Consumers are seeing the benefits of keeping track of their own health and fitness, and this growing demand urges companies to continue advancing their medical device technology.

From Digital Medicine to motion tracking technology, here are 10 of the top medical device companies and startups developing wearable healthcare technology.

1. Proteus

Proteus Digital Health is at the forefront of Digital Medicine, one of the newest categories of pharmaceuticals. Its product Proteus Discover is a Digital Medicine made up of ingestible sensors, a small wearable sensor patch, an application on a mobile device, and a provider portal.

Proteus Discover is the world’s first Digital Medicine that allows patients to recover quickly due to its ability to remove guesswork around diagnosis and treatments. By providing direct insight to a user’s data, Proteus Discover delivers medication-taking and health patterns right to a user’s healthcare provider.

Learn about Proteus Digital Health

2. Neurotech

As the innovator of in-home EEG setups, Neurotech is a standout leader in the EEG industry. Its in-home EEG solution performs both Routine and Long-Term Monitored EEG studies that can be recorded, and the results are available for viewing on Neurotech’s innovative Physician Database.

Additionally, Neurotech offers both continuous and intermittent remote EEG monitoring services for epilepsy monitoring units and intensive care units. Through real-time communication, …read more

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