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India has begun constructing a large scale detention center in the northeastern state of Assam.
According to Reuters, the expansive project in the Goalpara district includes a school, hospital, and recreation area and is meant to hold at least 3,000 detainees.
News of the construction of the detention facilities follows a crackdown on residents in Assam that the government now considers to be stateless.
1.9 million people were excluded from the state’s register, and the country has not yet outlined what fate lies ahead for them.
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India has begun construction on a mass detention center for illegal immigrants in the Goalpara district of the northeastern state of Assam, one month after the country stripped almost two million people of citizenship.

According to Reuters, which interviewed workers and contractors at the site, an area the size of seven soccer fields has been cleared to make space for the expansive project said to include a school, hospital, and recreation area. Layout plans reviewed by Reuters also show quarters for guards, a high boundary wall, and watchtower, it said.

The detention center visited by Reuters is the first of at least 10 others planned in Assam. It is meant to hold at least 3,000 detainees.

Government guidelines released this year indicate that detention centers should have a boundary wall at least 10-feet high lined with barbed wire, Reuters said, citing local media.

The Goalpara camp has a red boundary wall and two large watchtowers. Men and women will have separate living areas, workers and contractors told Reuters.

One contractor told Reuters that the rooms in the center would be around 350 square-feet each, with each unit housing 24 rooms.

India made 1.9 million people effectively stateless last month

News of the detention facilities in Assam follows a crackdown on 1.9 …read more

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