Onia’s linen take on the classic bomber is all you need to transition from summer into fall.
Made using 100% Irish linen sourced from the brand’s own mills in Europe, this jacket is lightweight, airy, utilitarian, and cozy but presentable.
Originally $245, get it now for 30% off ($171.50). We don’t know how long this deal will last, so act quickly.

Linen reminds me of summer, which I’m just not quite ready to give up. The weather’s not that cold yet, and flannel, while I’ll wear it from time to time, isn’t exactly my thing. Airy, skin-soft, and muted pastels and drabs? Now we’re talking.

But my paperweight linen shirts of yore (i.e., summer) must eventually make their way into fall, winter, and spring storage (non-linen season is a long affair here in the northeastern US), and I must acquiesce, however reluctantly.

Fortunately, Onia, a New York-based brand which we adore for its linen shirts, has come up with a linen bomber jacket to make my transition, and yours, dear reader, all the more seamless.

On fit and function

There is a wrinkle in everything. Look, linen’s going to do its thing. You can spend your life ironing it, or you can give in to the universal will of this oh-so-splendid fabric. I will eternally opt to go with the fiber’s flow.

Down to brass tacks, this is a rougher linen than the material that festooned sultry backyard soirées, but still a good bit lighter than your rugged curtains or duvet covers. In true bomber style, I’d probably have gone with a size medium rather than large (above) for my 6-foot frame, but it’s just large enough to fit most of my sweaters, which means I stand a good chance …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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