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As Anne Galyean set a course to move up through the ranks of a science career, another path sent her down — as in downhill — as she took on a career as a professional mountain bike racer.

Today Galyean is a staff scientist at Intertox Inc., a Seattle-based scientific consulting firm that assesses the risks posed to public health by chemical and biological agents. And while she no longer races, our latest Geek of the Week is still a pro ambassador heavily involved in the mountain bike scene.

After a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Richmond, Galyean pursued a doctorate degree in aquatic analytical chemistry at the University of North Carolina. Her research involved the optimization of an online, multi-step analytical approach for the separation and subsequent characterization of silver nanoparticles in natural water.

“Before joining the consulting world, I spent more than 11 years in the academic research laboratory,” Galyean said.

Galyean also worked on a postdoctoral project in chemical and biological engineering at the Colorado School of Mines related to disease-causing bacterial biofilms.

“Bacterial biofilms can form persistent infections on wounds, on implanted medical devices, and are associated with many chronic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis,” Galyean said. “These infections are medically difficult to treat because biofilms are more resistant to antibiotic attack.”

In her other life, Galyean started racing downhill mountain bikes at age 21 and spent six years racing at a national level. She joined the Yeti/Fox National Factory Enduro Team in 2017, where she raced full-time while completing her postdoctoral work.

“I had many successful years racing bikes, but last year, I took a step back from racing to focus on my science career,” Galyean said, adding that she’s a pro ambassador and weekend warrior for several brands, focusing on coaching, media projects, and …read more

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