Georgios Chrysanthakopoulos and his Direct Machines Land Care Robot behind his startup’s headquarters in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

In a chilly, no-frills warehouse space just south of downtown Seattle, a small startup is at work, like many, on the next big thing. But there’s no fancy artwork on the walls or ping-pong table near the non-existent onsite cafe.

There’s Georgios Chrysanthakopoulos, the blunt-talking and hard-working founder and CEO of Directed Machines, formerly known as dCentralized Systems, and his four-person team. And there’s a new machine.

A burly, fat-tired, solar-powered Land Care Robot as it is called sits in a scrappy parking lot out back on a very wet November day. It’s not a robot that will sort or deliver packages or handle some other task consistent with other Seattle tech innovations. It’s a machine for small farms and rural properties, meant to replace its expensive, gas-powered predecessors.

“The irony is not lost on us, doing the first solar, heavy duty robot in SoDo in Seattle,” Chrysanthakopoulos said, standing between puddles and pointing out all the features on his creation.

Chrysanthakopoulos left big tech two years ago for the opportunity to start something on his own following 16 years at Microsoft where he was the highly regarded technical lead for that company’s robotics effort. He also did stints at Google, F5 Networks and the software company VMware.

The underbelly of the Land Care Robot, a zero-emissions, all-electric machine. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

More than a year ago, the Land Care Robot’s smaller cousin was a laser-armed robot designed to zap weeds. Chrysanthakopoulos set out with the goal of removing as much pollution and poisonous chemicals as he could from the equation of land management.

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