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Vanity Fair published an exposé on WeWork’s rise and fall and the wild behavior of cofounder and former CEO Adam Neumann.
Neumann waltzed barefoot through WeWork’s offices with Drake and Ashton Kutcher in tow, helped Jared Kushner with his Middle East peace plan, and told his colleagues that “Steve Jobs” author Walter Isaacson might write his biography, the magazine reported.
Scroll down for the seven craziest details from the Vanity Fair story.
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1. Neumann helped Jared Kushner with his Middle East peace plan

Neumann reportedly helped his friend Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, with his plan to resolve conflict in the Middle East.

“WeWork executives were shocked to discover Neumann was working on Jared Kushner’s Mideast peace effort,” Vanity Fair reported.

Neumann tasked a WeWork director with hiring an advertising firm to create a video for Kushner showing what an economic renaissance in the West Bank and Gaza could look like, the magazine said.

Kushner presented a version of the video at the White House’s peace conference in Bahrain last summer.

2. Neumann hung out with Drake and Ashton Kutcher at WeWork’s offices

Neumann enjoyed befriending and working with celebrities.

He waltzed barefoot through WeWork’s headquarters with Drake and Ashton Kutcher in tow, according to Vanity Fair. Hugh Jackman was spotted at WeWork’s offices, Fast Company reported.

Neumann and his team also considered hiring Martin Scorsese to direct a series of videos promoting the WeWork brand, according to Ad Age.

3. Neumann said he convinced Rahm Emmanuel to run for president on the “WeWork Agenda”

Neumann told a WeWork investor he convinced Rahm Emmanuel, the former mayor of Chicago who also served as Barack Obama’s chief of staff, to run for president …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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