Anna Duggar is Stuck with Josh

So far, the Duggar response to reports of a Homeland Security raid on their property has been to play word games and deny all knowledge.

Fans obviously have a lot fo questions, but the Duggar family is actively silencing commenters — even fans — who are seeking answers.

Just a few days ago, there were rumors that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had conducted a raid on one of the Duggar family homes.

Initially, it was only a rumor, one that appeared to be debunked when the FBI reportedly denied doing anything of the sort.

This week, Homeland Security confirmed their presence in the Duggars’ hometown, and agents were reported appearing to investigate Josh, his business, or both.

But even before Homeland Security came forward, the Duggar family was already taking measures to preemptively silence unwanted questions.

As the sharp-eyed folks at In Touch Weekly noticed and first screenshotted, Anna Duggar limited comments on her Instagram.

This means that she tailored permitted comments, either to those who follow her or to those whom she follows back (in this case, the former).

Though Anna has many followers, this is a way of tuning out anyone who would come to her page to ask about her sexual predator husband.

And she is not the only member of her family who simply does not want to hear from anyone who isn’t a devoted sycophant.

On the surface, it seems deeply odd and unwise for Jed Duggar to follow Anna’s example in limiting replies.

While we’re sure that he’s been getting trolled for weeks, he’s running for public office.

If one particular person says awful things to you, you might block them — though that may be illegal once you’re elected.

But for a politician to limit replies from potential voters makes them look thin-skinned, weak, and uninterested in voter opinions.

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