David Solomon Goldman Sachs

The storied investment bank is in the midst of a transformation.
The Wall Street bank is moving away from high-risk businesses like trading that were once lucrative but have since slowed, and towards more stable areas like consumer lending.
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Here’s what we know about what’s going on inside of Goldman right now, from its growing digital wealth business, to shakeups in its inner ranks.

Consumer banking/wealth
Goldman Sachs is sending much less mail to potential Marcus customers. A senior exec lays out the reason why.
A Goldman Sachs exec explains why the bank isn’t sweating concerns over the Apple Card’s profitability
A Wall Street firm crunched the numbers around how much Apple will make from its new credit card with Goldman Sachs
Here’s why Goldman Sachs just did its biggest deal in nearly 20 years as part of a pivot to less wealthy clients
Goldman Sachs execs are opening up about their plans for Marcus, and they think it can do to banking what iTunes did to the music industry
Goldman Sachs’ partnership with Apple could move it a step closer to being ‘a bank branch in your pocket’
Human resources is the next battleground for Wall Street wealth advisers as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs jockey over new turf
Goldman Sachs has a novel method for predicting the next economic slump, and it’s at the heart of its hot new business
Goldman Sachs is embracing open-source code and its chief data officer says its part of a “new world” of software
Read the memo the new Goldman tech chief sent to the firm’s 9,000-plus engineers where he urges them to ditch presentations in favor of Amazon’s famous …read more

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