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President Donald Trump’s comments like the US military is training “our boys to be killing machines” show the commander in chief is out of touch with the force he leads.
The business of the US military is ensuring the lawful use of force, and that any service member suspected of violating this or committing any crime is investigated and prosecuted with an opportunity to defend themselves.
“His instincts are anathema to what the modern American military’s instincts are,” a national security expert told Insider.
The fastest way for the US military to lose its credibility with the foreign populations it must protect to defeat the enemy is by desecrating dead bodies or letting “killing machines” go unpunished.
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President Donald Trump, who has butted heads with his national security team again and again, quipped early this year that he would’ve made a “good general.” But mounting evidence suggests otherwise.

“His instincts are anathema to what the modern American military’s instincts are,” constitutional law professor and national security expert Deborah Pearlstein told Insider.

On Thursday, the president on Twitter ordered the US Navy not to take away a pardoned Navy SEAL’s Trident pin, and added: “Get back to business!”

Trump granted clemency to Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher, who was convicted by a jury of his peers of posing with a dead fighter’s body; he allegedly texted a photo of himself gripping the corpse’s hair while holding a knife, saying, “Got him with my hunting knife.” Gallagher was found not guilty of the most serious charges: murdering the fighter and trying to shoot civilians with a sniper rifle.

‘Killing machines’

Trump has the power to pardon or even dismiss charges, as he recently did in the case of an Army officer accused of murder — itself an extraordinary …read more

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