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On television sets, costumes and props are usually owned by the studio that is producing the show.
Actors often are gifted items from the set to recognize their time on the show and these items range from minor props to entire wardrobes.
Other times, actors take items from the set that are unlikely to ever be used again and keep them as a memento.
Actors such as Sophie Turner, Sandra Oh, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jenna Fischer have all talked about having mementos from their respective shows at home.
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Whether it was given as a gift or taken without explicit permission, props and set pieces have been going home with actors for years.

Although they’re not always allowed to take props and costumes (these are usually owned by the studios behind the TV show), actors oftentimes bring a special item home with them to commemorate their hard work and signify the memories they made on the show.

Here are some of the many things actors have taken from TV sets.

Sandra Oh said she took a piece of decor from Cristina Yang’s apartment.

In 2018, Sandra Oh told People that the prop she took from her days on “Grey’s Anatomy” was the “best thing [she’s] ever taken from a set.”

She said she took the rug that was originally seen in Owen and Cristina’s apartment and it now resides in her living room.

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Aaron Paul said he took “everything [he] could” from “Breaking Bad.”

In a 2016 interview with Seth Meyers, Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad” said he took “everything [he] could” from the set of the show, including the faux severed …read more

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